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The winner of the Sports Lottery Award is no longer mysterious.

June 14th, 2019, 10:18 Source: China Sports Network Watch the news on the phone

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Wang Chengjun (right), deputy researcher of the Luliang Municipal Sports Bureau, presented the prize to the winners.

If you win a lottery prize in the 10 million lottery, do you choose to be fully armed to receive the award, or is it generous to show your face? The fact is that many lottery winners have chosen the first way to receive awards, adding a lot of mystery and imagination to the lottery in the lottery.
Real gold is not afraid of fire, really can't be fake. On June 13th, the awards hall of the Shanxi Sports Lottery Management Center ushered in a generous “showing face” award, and the winner of the lottery lottery lottery. The Mr. A, a lottery from Luliang, won a first lottery for the Lotto 19062 first prize with a 126 yuan "7+3" double ticket. The second prize is 2 notes, the fourth prize is 10 notes and some The small prize, the full amount of 10.52 million yuan.
At the lively awards ceremony, Mr. A took the podium on ease and took over the flashing of the medals from many media friends and interviewed the reporters on the spot. "It is a lucky and happy thing to win the lottery prize. Why do you want to hide it? The big prize is not a bad thing. I am not afraid that others will know the big prize. Most people may not have a chance. Seeing the true face of the grand prize winner, today I will let everyone see that there is no mystery in the grand prize. Everyone has seen the winners wearing masks when they come to receive the prizes. I always doubt the authenticity of the grand prize. I will not wear them today. Mask, to prove to everyone that buying a sports lottery is a real thing!" Mr. A filled with a passionate smile and chatted with everyone.

Winning lottery

Asked about the plan after winning the prize, Mr. A said: "How to spend these bonuses has not been thought of well. However, the lottery is about public welfare. If you win, you must do more good things. Go back and come up with some money to help you really. People who need help, let everyone share my joy of winning."
The winner of the Sports Lottery Award is with us! Mr. A’s act of “presenting” to win the prize unveiled the mystery of the Sports Lottery Award, which is undoubtedly the best proof of the credibility of the Chinese sports lottery!

(Editor: Huang Lingli, Zhang Chen)
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