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Volunteer service in various sports in Jiangsu to help the college entrance examination

June 13, 2019 09:21 Source: Yangtze Evening News Watch the news on the phone

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Ten years of cold windows, the final victory, the annual college entrance examination battlefield, there is always a red, different warmth of the candidates of the college entrance examination. Sports lottery in all parts of Jiangsu will appear outside the school in the annual college entrance examination season. Volunteer service will be carried out according to local conditions. Free bottled mineral water, towels, water cups and other items will be provided for the college entrance examination candidates and parents to provide parents with rest points.

Huai'an Sports Lottery set up a college entrance examination service station

From June 7th to 9th, Huai'an Sports Lottery Center set up a college entrance examination service station in Qingjiang Middle School of Huai'an City to help the candidates of the college entrance examination. I hope they can smile and test the field and achieve good results. At the event site, Huai'an Sports Lottery provided bottled mineral water, towels, water cups and other items for the college entrance examination candidates and the parents who sent the test. It was distributed free of charge on the spot, and provided a free place for the accompanying parents. Huai'an Sports Lottery volunteers communicated with the candidates' parents, briefly introduced the sports lottery activities, exchanged summer cups, and talked about sports events. The sun outside the shed is high and the shed is relaxed and pleasant. Mr. Li, the parents who sent the test, said: "During the college entrance examination, the weather is hot. Your body color center thinks too thoughtful. There is free mineral water, and you also give a cup of water. You can sit and talk, wait for a while, and wait for a while. It’s not so anxious!”

Puyang Sports Lottery "Helps You Have Me in the College Entrance Examination"

From June 7th to 9th, in the special day of the college entrance examination, Changzhou Fuyang City Sports Lottery Center opened the "Public Welfare Body Colors Help with the College Entrance Examination You Have Me" activity. During the examination, the Fuyang City Sports Lottery Management Center prepared free mineral water, cool oil and other summer products for the candidates. It also set up a rest and waiting area for the parents and staff of the accompanying test, such as love tents, love chairs and stools. The service initiative assists the college entrance examination with practical actions. Outside the examination room, the Liyang Sports Lottery team silently adhered to the post, and actively assisted the traffic police to maintain the order outside the school, and to give a patient and waiting for the parents to create a harmonious and warm atmosphere of the college entrance examination.

Yangzhou Sports Lottery Launches "Helping the School Season"

During the college entrance examination from June 7 to 9 this year, the Yangzhou Sports Lottery Center continued to act as a candidate for the candidates and anxious waiting parents, and set up a “College Entrance Examination for Parents to Rest” near the outlets of the examination room to express their confrontation with practical actions. The concern of the students! At 6 o'clock in the morning of June 7, before the arrival of candidates and parents, the staff of Yangzhou Sports Lottery Center came to Yangzhou Middle School and the 3210010181 and 3210010182 outlets near the East Campus of Yangzhou University Affiliated Middle School, propped up the top and scraped the tent and placed the table. The chair provides tea, paper towels, fans, newspapers and other intimate services, providing free drinking water for candidates, parents and traffic police comrades. It also provides a place for parents to take rest and cool during the college entrance examination to ease the waiting of parents outside the examination room. Uneasy emotions.

(Editor: Huang Lingli, Zhang Chen)
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