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The international baseball field is built in the village of public welfare "home run".

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A British lottery winner is only 123 million pounds. Shenzhen evening news, according to foreign media reports, in the evening of June 11th, a lucky player in Britain won the first prize of the "European million" lottery up to 123 million pounds (1 billion 80 million yuan), becoming the third prize winner in the UK's history. The winning number that night was 27, 4 ... [more]

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Shenzhen welfare lottery first public welfare project Photography Contest Awards announced Shenzhen evening news (reporter Liu Minhua correspondent Deng Xueling) yesterday, by the Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs guidance, the city welfare lottery issuance center, the shadow society organized the "Shenzhen welfare first public welfare project photography contest" entries selection activities, in the city welfare lottery distribution center 7 floor conference room. Classics review ... [more]

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Jiangsu sports lottery to carry out voluntary service to help the college entrance examination In the past years, there is always a wisp of red on the battlefield of the college entrance examination every year. Every year in Jiangsu, the body color will appear outside the school gate in the annual college entrance examination season. Volunteer services should be carried out according to local conditions, and bottled mineral water, towels, water cups and other items will be provided free of charge for the college entrance examination candidates and parents. ... [more]

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The three lottery buyers won the lottery award of million, two and so on. Not only the first prize can reach tens of millions, but the two prize also often breaks through millions of dollars, which is the charm of lottery. In May 27th, the 19060th winners of the big lottery were left open, but the two prize in the current period drew 93 notes, and the single note bonus was 70 yuan, of which 18 were added bets. ... [more]

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The international baseball field is built in the village of public welfare "home run". Surrounded by more than 20 acres of land, surrounded by green, in the irregular sector of the stadium, children are throwing balls, hitting balls and running bases. If such scenes happen in rural areas of China, will you be surprised? Baseball has an international influence, but it is still a niche sport in China. ... [more]

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Welfare lottery volunteers love helps the college entrance examination, let the public good become the norm. After another year's college entrance examination, the students who had struggled for a long time filled the expectations of parents and entered the examination room. The volunteers of Jining Fucai Zhongfu online volunteer camp camped at a dozen test sites in Jining one middle school and Jining Yucai Middle school early in the morning to provide a rest for parents who are anxious to wait. ... [more]

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