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Hebei welfare lottery 5000 help poor people warm winter The cold winter, I send warm. 11 month 8 day, reporters from the Provincial Welfare Lottery Center was informed that this year, Hebei province will continue to carry out welfare warm winter activities, put 500 million public funds, funding for poor people 5000. Hebei lottery this year a warm winter are aimed at the rural poor. Principle [more]...

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Wuxi guy could pick a random ticket in more than 10 copies Shuangseqiu to send 1 billion yuan prize is hot, the prize is booming. Recently, Wuxi small Cui lucky two prize won 2018128th 1 note, 100 thousand yuan bonus. Winning is a 10 yuan note number 5 lottery number is randomly generated. [more]...

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The Ningbo lottery Dantuo betting Shuangseqiu 11 million 700 thousand yuan. The Zhejiang lottery to share the success of 5 million yuan to send prizes Shuangseqiu! Last night is Shuangse Qiu 132nd, is 1 billion yuan award tenth, Zhejiang lottery to a banker ticket hi 1 note first prize, delivery of 5 million yuan prize and a fixed number of awards, received a bonus of 11 million 708 thousand yuan. [more]...

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The double chromosphere 1 billion faction award Whampoa lottery ticket pick 7 million 680 thousand double Shuangseqiu 1 billion yuan to send prize activities like a raging fire, Guangzhou again came after winning news, Liwan District won the 14 million 500 thousand Grand Prix after feeding the neighborhood, 11 month 6 days, sent into the eight period award, from the Whampoa District, with a $42 lottery ticket optional double current charging will hit the first prize, 768 [more]...

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Zhaoqing Shuangseqiu 7 million 220 thousand lottery winner appeared almost didn't play The evening of November 1st, the city of Zhaoqing Sihui 44170823 lottery betting Shuangseqiu 2018128 first prize 7 million 220 thousand yuan out of the station, this is the only Guangdong out of a double chromosphere first prize, and this year, fourth double ball prize. do not buy lottery tickets [more]...

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